Dealers of Kai Wa'a, Puakea & Outrigger Zone canoes, including Kai's new ANTARES!

Also dealers of Riviera Paddlesurf SUP, Think Kayaks, Kialoa paddles and more.               Contact: (808) 524-6677 -


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    • Autoclave cure

    • One piece construction

    • 100% carbon construction

    • One piece Ama, spring pin front adjustment front, clamp screw back adjustment

    • Full carbon Iakos

    • Molded in place Iako receivers, no seams

    • 3mm High density core hull for added stiffness and resist pressure dents

    • Full carbon rudder with titanium rudder shaft

    • 100% carbon foot-well cover (removable)

    • Double foot-well drain

    • Full carbon foot pedals

    • Flush mount tiller

    • LOA: 20 8 1/2?

    • Beam: 15 3/4?

    • Hull weight: 19lbs (includes seat,rudder,footwell cover,tiller, cable, foopedals)

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